Enterprise-Class Products

We provide and invest in simple but powerful B2B and B2C products that answer professional and personal needs for companies and individuals, check out our products portfolio.

It's all about simplicity and efficiency

Great ideas needs to come alive faster!

We have experience in creating Minimal Viable Products in no time, that's our motto, simple but efficient.

Linux servers Management

We have great expertise managing linux servers, contact us to see what we can do.


We help creating CRUD (create, read, update, and delete ) dashboards in no time , we concentrate on functionalities and efficiency.

Mobile Applications

We help you develop mobile apps to deliver digital services and technology.

We help you build and scale your idea

We help you build your idea by creating a Minimal Viable Product in no time. Our experience goes also in architecturing solutions and scaling with minimal costs.
  • Investing in original and useful ideas
  • 5 projects under development
  • MVP fast delivery
  • Reduced costs

Investing in innovative ideas

We invest in promising ideas that are believed to have long-term growth potential, following our incubating process and our tools.

  • 1

    The first step is to discuss the idea to understand the need

  • 2

    Second step is to prepare the ground so the idea can grow in a secure environment, like creating business plan, registring the trademark, finding investor..

  • 3

    Create technical stuff like software architecture, installing infrastructure and coding MVP

  • 4

    Launching MVP or Beta release , collect reviews and repeat the third step.


Your dedicated automation platform

We deploy automation stack based on jenkins and ansible that contains tens of ready-to-execute what we identified repetitive tasks in big sized companies. This can save you from hundreds of hours per year plus avoiding human errors.

E-Commerce site in the blink of an eye

We have good experience in creating E-Commerce sites using ready-to-use and well tested worpdress templates. We also handle managing the site with little month fees

Use Crud applications and dashboards to optimize process and efforts

We create CRUD applications in no time, this can make the life of the employees more easier.
We use our ready-to-use customized CRUD dashboard template.

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