Efficiency, is our motto

We have a great experience working with clients that have more than 3000 Redhat servers in Banking and Industry.

We help optimizing the administration, automation and securing Linux Servers.

We find for you the fastest and cheapest way to organize and have a 360 degree field of vision on Linux Servers.


Automation stack based on Jenkins/AWS and Gitlab.
We advice and deliver, on premises


Foreman or Spacewalk
Satellite or SuseManager
We help in taking the decision and implementing


Either for PCI-DSS, CIS or LPM? We help you implement, manage and periodically report.

Internal process

Sytems engineering team and other technical teams ? We help you organize and use the right tools.

We partner with companies to
bring automation,visibility and security









We help to find the best and fastest way to achieve a global administration, reduce repetitive task and have a 360 degree vision of Linux servers.

We’re obsessive about the finding the best tool to achieve a fully managed and visible Linux servers.
To recap, we help reduce repetitive tasks, taking in consideration security and processes between technical team, with an open source stack that is used for years for companies to manage 30000 Redhat servers or less,
Seif KAROUI Cofounder
I cofounded Miras with my brother Seif because after working with some CAC40 entreprises us and our friends, we identified a pattern of needs that can be fullfilled by some tools , and some needs that still not be fulfilled by any tool in the market.
Yomna KAROUI Cofounder

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